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New physical server has been put into operation

We have put into operation a completely new backup physical server n5.4smart.cz.
The new physical server is equipped with an intel Core i7-7700 3.6GHz CPU,
server motherboard and 32GB DD4 RAM.

At the begining of the next year, another new server will be included
on which we will gradually deploy new virtualization technologies,
which better meet current requirements.

Created: 4.11.2017

Outsourcing it-techcz.com

Node n2.4smart.cz will be switched back on Oct/02/2017

HW node n2.4smart.cz will be switched back on monday Oct/02/2017,
after 20:00. Until this date will run all virtual servers on the n4.4smart.cz.

Created: 25.9.2017

Our outsourcing supported letstrololol.cz project redesign

Our outsourcing supported the letstrololol.cz project redesign which was in origin based on the
only 2 VPS concept (appliacation server and database). New concept focuses on the cloud and supports load distribution
and allows next expanding of this project.

New reached record of this project is 560 000 showed pages per day.
Project letstrololol.cz is now running on 4smart.cz.

Created: 21.9.2017

Node n2.4smart.cz is temporaly unavailable

For technical reasons, the HW node n2.4smart.cz is temporaly down.
All VPS from this node are currently running on node n4.4smart.cz.
Node n2.4smart.cz will be inspected ASAP.

Created: 20.9.2017

Outsourcing it-techcz.com

We left forum.4smart.cz. We focus on social networks.

We have decided to leave the discussion forum forum.4smart.cz.
We have come to the conclusion that this discussion forum is not needed by the 4smart.cz project.
Instead, we will continue to focus on promoting our services through social networks..

All news about 4smart.cz is now available under this link: http://4smart.cz/4smartnews.php.

Created: 1.9.2017

Our outsourcing supported the creation of another e-shop at 4smart.cz

Our outsourcing supported the creation of a new e-shop at 4smart.cz.
For CLICK & FUN e-shop, we have ensured the operation of e-mail services, SSL website certification,
fine SEO tunning an OpenGraph integration.


Are you interested in Outsourcing of Custom projects at 4smart.cz and outside?
We will help you set up all the services from the web through the e-mail services to the VoIP PBX.
More informations you can find at http://it-techcz.com.

Created: 11.8.2017

Hosting PrestaShop 1.7

Since now we offer comlete ready-made installation od e-shop Prestashop 1.7 (last version).

Get your own professional e-shop at 4smart.cz in 1-2 minutes.

For more information and how to start with Prestashop at 4smart.cz please visit this link.

If you need assistance with installing or configuring your e-shop,
please contact us. We are ready to help you.

Created: 18.7.2017

Outsourcing it-techcz.com

Updated service offer IT-TechCZ s.r.o.

The latest offer of IT services IT-TechCZ s.r.o. our company you can find at our web site: http://it-techcz.com.

You can contact us via this e-mail:

Created: 8.6.2017

We reduced the flat rate OPTIMAL

We have reduced the flat rate OPTIMAL from price 103 CZK / month to 93 CZK / month.

Created: 23.5.2017

Planned HW node n6.4smart.cz maintenance

On Thuesday, May 23, 2017, at 20:00 the HW node n6.4smart.cz will be shut down
for maintenance. During this maintenance all virtual private servers will be switched to
backup HW node n5.4smart.cz.
HW node n6.4smart.cz will be switchet back to action at May 25, 2017, after 20:00.

Created: 19.5.2017

Outsourcing it-techcz.com

Get your company's independent PBX at 4smart.cz

Variety of many ready-made solutions at 4smart.cz include the installation of VoIP PBXes with
and without web interface, which are able for companies and call centers thanks to his reliability.

Thanks to wide range of options and features, the PBX can be configured according to every
specific details according to individual customer requirements. Since today we offer new installation
of PBX with web interface FreePBX and with certified Asterisk version 13 LTS.
This installation contains the newest versions of maximally reliable software.
You can choose them under template name debian-8.0-x86_64-freepbx.

If you do not understand the issue of the PBX and do not known the advice, please contact us.
We will provide you with free consultantion and, if you will interested, we can set up every
settings according to your requirements at 4smart.cz.

4smart.cz cloud is definitely the most reliable place for the operation of PBXes.
Today we ensure operation of about 100 instances, for companies.
The main advantages of own PBX at 4smart.cz are independence from VoIP operators,
easy operation and maintenance, ready-made outsourcing technical support, integrated backup and
clone solution.

Take advantage of our offer. We are ready to cooperate with you in case of setting up your PBX solutions.

Created: 12.5.2017